OneChoice® UV Primer Collection
OneChoice® UV Primer Collection


From the latest aerosol primer technology to the handy UV light and accessories, the OneChoice® UV primer system offers everything you need to increase throughput and productivity of your paint operation.

  • Easy aerosol application
  • No mixing, no waste
  • Convenient handheld UV light
  • Ready to sand in 2-3 minutes

Simply Shake and Spray

As the ideal solution for fast spot repairs with direct-to-metal capability, SUA1080 UV aerosol primer offers high build performance and fast cure over a wide range of properly prepared substrates, including most rigid and semi-rigid plastics. Simply shake and spray – no mixing, no cleanup. It can be used with all PPG refinish systems and is suitable for use in all regions.

Cures in 2-3 Minutes

SUA1080 primer cures and is ready to sand in as little as 2 to 3 minutes with the easy-to-use, handheld UV lamp offered by PPG.

Easy Cleanup

To simplify the application process, SXA1081 UV aerosol primer cleaner allows you to quickly clean the cured primer before sanding.

Everything You Need

PPG offers a complete set of accessories to facilitate application and ensure safe use of our UV primer system.

  • SAS5346 UV Protective Glasses
  • SAS66518 (L) 6 mil UV Protective Gloves
  • SAS66519 (XL) 6 mil UV Protective Gloves
  • DEX500 Timer with magnet

Compatible Surfaces

Properly cleaned and sanded steel, aluminum, fiberglass and galvanized steel.
Cured and sanded OEM finishes (except lacquer)
Cured and sanded refinish topcoat systems.
Polyester Body Fillers
All properly prepared rigid and semi-rigid plastic except PE and Polystyrene

Compatible Products

Envirobase® High Performance Waterborne Basecoat Systems
Aquabase® Plus Waterborne Basecoat Systems
Deltron® 2000 (DBC) Basecoat Systems
Nexa Autocolor® 2K® P420/P421/P422 Color Systems
Global Refinish System® (BC) Basecoat Color Systems
Concept® (DCC) Acrylic Urethane Systems

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