PPG Refinish Notification
HBE-400/01 and HBE-401/01 Supply Chain Notification

September 8, 2021

Due to continuing supply chain issues, PPG and many other manufacturers are facing a variety of challenges.

The PPG planning, manufacturing and distribution teams remain diligent in working on solutions. However, supply of HBE-400 High Build Epoxy Primer – Dark Gray and HBE-401 High Build Epoxy Catalyst - White in gallon cans is a particular challenge at this time. Therefore, we have made the decision to focus on the supply of HBE-400 and HBE-401 in pails (size PL). This move will enable quicker replenishment of both products.

Effective immediately, the planned production for the following SKUs will transition from gallon size to a 5-gallon pail size. Current order lines will be cancelled once inventory is depleted and new orders for pails can be placed.

Brand Existing Item No. Replacement Item No. Description
CPC HBE-400/01 HBE-400/PL High Build Epoxy Primer - Dark Gray
CPC HBE-401/01 HBE-401/PL High Build Epoxy Catalyst - White

If the need arises to transition other products to a different container size, an additional communication will be sent to you.

We apologize for any inconvenience these changes may cause and appreciate your support during this challenging situation.

If you have any questions, please contact customer service at 1-800-647-6050.

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