PPG Refinish Notification
AUE-20 and Q99 New Product Announcement

January 15, 2021

PPG Commercial Coatings is pleased to announce the addition of two new products to it’s premium Commercial Performance Coatings system.

AUE-20/PL is an OEM 2.1 VOC Clearcoat offering application flexibility as well as delivering 2.1 VOC compliance. This one-visit, high-gloss urethane clearcoat is designed for the Light Industrial Coatings (LIC) market and can be applied using a wide array of spray equipment. AUE-20/PL delivers excellent sag resistance and superior durability and UV resistance.

Q99/01 is a reducer that has been specifically formulated for use with AUE-20/PL when temperatures are high, and/or when high pressure equipment is being employed.

AUE-20/PL Features & Benefits:

  • 2.1 VOC clearcoat
  • One-visit, high-gloss urethane
  • Excellent sag resistance
  • Superior durability
  • UV resistant


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