PPG Refinish Notification
Shop-Line JC7200 label correction

January 10, 2020

PPG Refinish has discovered a printing error on our package labels for JC7200 Shop-Line® 2.1 VOC HS European Clearcoat. Due to a clerical error, the label for this product incorrectly lists VOC Actual and VOC Regulatory data.

PPG Refinish is providing stickers with the correct VOC values: VOC Act 165 g/L VOC Reg 288 g/L, which must be applied over the incorrect VOC Act and VOC Reg values on the can. Any Shop-Line® JC7200 5 Liter container labeled with a form number of 14502 or 16308 must be over- labeled with the corrected VOC sticker.

Incorrect Values: VOC Act 183 g/L VOC Reg 310 g/L and
VOC Act 194 g/L VOC Reg 329 g/L

Correct Values: VOC Act 165 g/L VOC Reg 288 g/L

Sticker orders can be placed via e-mail to Shannon Squires.

Please provide your complete company name and mailing address along with how many stickers you are requesting.

We appreciate your assistance on this project.

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