PPG Refinish Notification
Packaging Change - Nexa Autocolor 2K 1 Liter Cans

December 2, 2020

PPG will be changing the container type of Nexa Autocolor® 2K® 1 liter cans. The new packaging creates a better seal between the lid and can, which will be less likely to leak during transport. With this transition, please note the following information:

  • The existing packaging designated by suffix 1L will be replaced by new packaging designated by suffix 1LE as noted in the ordering information below.
  • With this change, customers must switch to 1 quart mixing lids. For the THRIFT-O-MATIC™ mixing machine, order DEX1814. For the Alliance mixing machine, order DEX1916.

This will be a running change beginning with the products listed below and will continue with additional products through 2022 or when the conversion is complete. We will keep you updated as other products are converted.

Ordering Information:

Discontinued Item Number New Item Number
P420-926/1L P420-926/1LE
P420-960/1L P420-960/1LE
P420-975/1L P420-975/1LE
P421-995/1L P421-995/1LE
P421-996/1L P421-996/1LE
P425-919/1L P425-919/1LE
P425-991/1L P425-991/1LE
P426-PP63/1L P426-PP63/1LE
P426-PP64/1L P426-PP64/1LE

Please save a copy for your files and share with your customers.

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