PPG Refinish Notification
FCA Safety Recall V91 / NHTSA 19V-759 Seat Striker

February 12, 2020

Recently FCA released a safety recall bulletin that includes a material list of products needed to complete the repair process. The material list specifies DP50LV epoxy or an equivalent, which is DP50LF for repairs in the National Rule area, as well as Henkel Bonderite adhesion promoter.

Note that PPG Refinish does not offer Henkel Bonderite adhesion promoter nor does PPG recommend the use of this product under DP epoxies. The PPG recommended pretreatment metal prep for use under a DP epoxy are SX579 and SX520. Please read the attached SX Product Data Sheet and follow instructions for use.

FCA V91 Safety Recall

SX Product Data Sheet

DPLV Product Data Sheet

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