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Delfleet Evolution F3818 Diamond Silver

April 3, 2020

Product Information

F3818 Diamond Silver is a new tinter in the Delfleet® Evolution line. The addition of F3818 improves the color match capability in basecoat colors appearing on late model Commercial Transport Vehicles.

F3818 will be considered a Limited Use Tinter (LUT), and will be referenced as such on the Delfleet® Evolution Mixing Machine Schematics.

F3818 will utilize the DEX1916 ½ quart mixing lid.

Marketing Information:

  • Improves color match capability
  • Free of heavy metals
  • Used in basecoat formulas

Color Information

Delfleet® Evolution color formulas that previously contained VM4501 Crystallance® Silver are being rematched with F3818, and will be promoted to the PaintManager® software via internet updates as the reformulations are completed.

Download the F3818 SDS Sheet

Download the Delfleet® Mixing Schematic

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