PPG Refinish Notification
Delfleet Brands Toner Deck Update

October 8, 2020

As part of PPG’s ongoing effort to provide customers with the most up-to-date color print tools, we’re excited to announce new items available through PPG online ordering to support the various Delfleet® product lines.

New! Delfleet Essential® Toner Deck, DESTT1003/EA

This new toner deck is designed to complement the Tint Poster (DESTT1002/EA) for Delfleet Essential®.

Delfleet® Evolution Toner Deck Update, DFTT1003A/EA

An update to the Delfleet® Evolution Toner Deck includes:

  • One new page:

    • F3718 Diamond Silver

  • Two replacement pages:

    • F3507 Quindo Magenta Tinter

    • F3805 Gold Pearl

Decks ordered after September 1 will contain these chip pages. For existing decks, customers can order the update separately.

Delfleet One® Toner Deck Update, DFOTT1002A/EA

An update to the Delfleet One® Toner Deck includes one new page:

  • F7808 Crystal Silver

Decks ordered after October 5 will contain this new chip page. For existing decks, customers can order the update separately.

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