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UV Primer Collection – Complete Suite of Products

April 18, 2019

OneChoice® brand is proud to announce our full UV Primer Collection of products now available in US and Canadian markets. This suite of products is anchored with our popular UV Primer Surfacer SUA1080 aerosol which sands in as little as two minutes.

The NEW SXA1081 UV Primer Cleaner aerosol easily removes all post cure residue and replaces the wipes.

Note: SU1081 UV Post Primer Wipes are discontinued.

A NEW and affordable Handheld UV Light is another key component of the UV Primer Collection. Also, keep track of the UV curing time with our NEW Timer with built in magnet for convenient placement. Rounding out this suite of products are the UV protective glasses and gloves.

All items are individually available directly through PPG Online Ordering.

Refer to OneChoice® Product Sheet OC-38 for more complete information.

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