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P850-6914 High Temp-Humidity Thinner – PACK SIZE Change

August 29, 2019

Product Information:

P850-6914 High Temp-Humidity Thinner is exclusively formulated for use with the Aquabase® Plus Clearcoat Platform (P190-6920, P190-6930 & P190-6950). P850-6914 High Temp-Humidity Thinner assures improved application and final appearance when used in hot and or humid conditions. P850-6914 High Temp-Humidity Thinner is now packaged in 1 Quart size only for seasonal demands.

NOTE:  1 Gallon pack size of P850-6914 will be discontinued. Gallons will be shipped in lieu of 1 Quart pack size orders until gallons are depleted from inventory.

Marketing Information:

  • Using P850-6914 preserves excellent final appearance through extreme hot and or humid conditions
  • Improves application for multi-panel and overall repairs
  • Recommended for all National Rule and Compliant markets

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