PPG Refinish Notification
Obsolescence Notice – Delta Product(s)

September 16, 2019

The Delta® products listed below are scheduled to be discontinued in 90 days. PPG Automotive Refinish will continue to fill orders for TBD items until stock is depleted. If your servicing warehouse’s stock has already been depleted, the order will be sourced to the closest warehouse with available stock. All remaining order lines for TBD items will be cancelled.

For additional information regarding products to be discontinued (TBD), please refer to the policies guide or contact your sales representative.

Code Description Size
DCU2050/01 Graffiti Resistant Clear Gallon
DCX2051/01 Graffiti Resistant Hardener Gallon
DDH525/01 Urethane Hardener Gallon
DDH526/01 Urethane Hardener Gallon
DDH526/04 Urethane Hardener Quart
DFH535/04 High Solids Urethane Hardener Quart
DGH350/04 Catalyst for DGHS 3.5 VOC Quart
DHSX589/04 Basecoat Converter Quart
DMHS523/6Z Sunset Red Pearl 6 Oz.
DMHS524/6Z Bright White Pearl 6 Oz.
DMHS529/6Z Fine Russet Pearl 6 Oz.
DMHS530/6Z Fine White Pearl 6 Oz.
DMHS531/6Z Frost Blue Pearl 6 Oz.
DMHS532/6Z Violet Pearl 6 Oz.
DMHS533/6Z Blue Green Pearl 6 Oz.
DMHS534/6Z Russet Pearl 6 Oz.
DMHS537/6Z Tincture Gold Pearl 6 Oz.
DMHS538/6Z Copper Pearl 6 Oz.
DMHS539/6Z Green Pearl 6 Oz.
DMHS540/01 White Gallon
DMHS541/01 Lionel Blue Gallon
DMHS542/01 Palimar Blue Gallon
DMHS543/01 Monarch Blue Gallon
DMHS544/01 Organic Green (Yellow Tone) Gallon
DMHS545/01 Sunfast Green Gallon
DMHS547/01 Quindo Red Gallon
DMHS548/01 Irgazine Red Gallon
DMHS549/01 Perrindo Maroon Gallon
DMHS550/01 Quindo Magenta Gallon
DMHS551/01 Hostaperm Yellow Gallon
DMHS552/01 Inorganic Yellow Gallon
DMHS553/01 Chrome Yellow Gallon
DMHS554/01 Inorganic Yellow Gallon
DMHS555/01 Sicotan Yellow Gallon
DMHS556/01 Jet Black Gallon
DMHS557/01 Hiding Black Gallon
DMHS558/01 Clear Gallon
DMHS559/01 Carbazole Violet Gallon
DMHS560/01 Transparent Red Oxide Gallon
DMHS561/01 Green Shade Phthalo Blue Gallon
DMHS562/01 Red Iron Oxide Gallon
DMHS563/01 Paliotol Yellow Gallon
DMHS564/01 Yellow Iron Oxide Gallon
DMHS565/01 Indo Blue Gallon
DMHS566/01 Inorganic Yellow (Red Shade) Gallon
DMHS568/01 Transparent Red Oxide (High Strength) Gallon
DMHS569/01 Transparent Yellow Oxide Gallon
DMHS571/01 Lead - Free Organic Orange Gallon
DMHS575/01 Ultra Sparkle Aluminum Gallon
DMHS576/01 Coarse Silver Metallic Gallon
DMHS577/01 Medium Silver Metallic Gallon
DMHS580/01 Fine Aluminum Gallon
DMHS581/01 Medium Aluminum Gallon
DMHS582/01 Coarse Aluminum Gallon
DMHS583/01 Sparkle Aluminum Gallon
DMHS584/01 Quindo Violet Gallon
DMHS598/01 DFHS/DVHS Converter Gallon
DMHS599/01 DGHS Converter Gallon
DPHS52/01 Low VOC Primer Gallon
DPHS521/01 Low VOC Primer Hardener Gallon
DPU217/01 2.1 VOC Polyurethane Primer Gallon
DPU218/04 Polyurethane Primer Hardener Quart
DRS1460/01 Reducer - Fast Gallon
DRS1470/01 Reducer - Medium Gallon
DRS1470/PL Reducer - Medium Pail
DRS1485/01 Reducer - Slow Gallon
DRS1485/PL Reducer - Slow Pail
DRS1495/01 Reducer - Hot Temperature Gallon
DRS1495/PL Reducer - Hot Temperature Pail
DRS1498/01 Retarder/Reducer Gallon
DX39/08 Accelerator Pint
DX53/08 Extender Pint
DX89/04 Epoxy Primer Extender Quart
DX1787/01 Etching Filler Gallon
DX1788/01 Etching Filler Catalyst Gallon
DX1793/01 Chrome Free Self Etching Primer Gallon
DX1794/01 Catalyst for DX1793 (Fast) Gallon
DX1795/01 Catalyst for DX1793 (Medium) Gallon
DX1796/01 Catalyst for DX1793 (Slow) Gallon

*The suggested replacements may or may not be direct offsets to the product code being discontinued. Please refer to the product data sheet for proper usage.

Products will continue to be sold until stock is depleted.

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