PPG Refinish Notification
New G-Shade Formulas to Help the ECS8x Transition

November 26, 2019

In an effort to make the transition to the new ECS8X A-Chromatic LV Sealers as smooth as possible and to ensure that as stock levels of the popular ECS25 and ECS65 run down, shops are still able to mix all of the necessary A-Chromatic G-Shades, we have worked with the product team to provide mix ratios for the G3, G5 and G6 shades using ECS21/ECS27 or ECS61/ECS67 combinations along with the appropriate hardener and reducer.

These formulations will allow shops to continue to use stock of the white and black sealers in the absence of the gray materials when the middle 3 shades are needed.

Special P-Sheets have been created with updated mixing charts and are posted on the PPG Refinish website under Products > Envirobase High Performance > Sealers.

Special P-Sheets:


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