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New Product - P565-318X HS Wet-on-Wet Sealers

July 11, 2019

Product Information

Aquabase® Plus HS Wet-on-Wet HS Plus acrylic urethane sealers utilize the latest resin technology to deliver a superior foundation for the Aquabase® Plus basecoat system. P565-318X series sealers maximize productivity by providing an exceptionally smooth finish that allows the basecoat to lay flat, achieving an invisible repair with minimal effort.

The three sealer colors align with the SG undercoat system designed for use with Aquabase® Plus basecoat system and can be blended into five Spectral Grey shades recommended for each basecoat color. Using the Spectral Grey undercoat is a vital step to achieve proper color match and a seamless repair.

Marketing Information

  • Exceptionally smooth blend edge, creating a uniform finish for basecoat color blends
  • Available in shades SG01 white, SG05 grey, and SG07 dark grey that are used to achieve the full range of Spectral Grey shades SG01 through SG07
  • Can be used with P850-691x thinners in all markets.
  • Easy application with excellent holdout and durability

Download the P565-318X Product Data Sheet
Download the P565-318X Product Data Sheet for National Rule
Download the P565-318X SDS Sheet

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