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ESB810 Delfleet Essential Matte Binder Launch Announcement

March 15, 2019

The addition of ESB810 Matte Binder into the Delfleet Essential® line will provide the capability of low gloss colors as low as 10 gloss, and still meet 2.8 VOC requirements mandated in certain areas. The Commercial Color Lab will match low gloss colors by request, and the color formulas will be added to PaintManager®/Paint Manager® XI Software.

DFE-22 ESSS Low Gloss Single Stage Polyurethane Product Data Sheet

ESB810 Matte Binder SDS

Please note that the usage of the existing ESU449 hardener in Delfleet Essential® low gloss single stage colors has prompted a description change on the ESU449 Label. Please see the label change letter that is included in this launch information.

ESU449 Label Change Notice

ESU449 Updated Label

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