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ECR98 Hot & Humid Reducer – NEW PACK SIZE

July 23, 2019

Product Information:

ECR98 Hot & Humid Reducer was exclusively designed for use with the entire line of EC5xx En-V® Clearcoats. This reducer ensures the easy to apply characteristics of each En-V® Clearcoat is maintained when conditions become hot and humid. No need to compromise each repairs exceptional gloss and appearance that technicians have come to expect from the En-V® line of clearcoats when spray conditions change, just refer to the “Reducer Selection Guide” chart for more information on the appropriate reducer selection.

Marketing Information:

  • Assure EC5xx En-V® Clearcoats remain easy to apply when temperature and humidity is high.
  • Improves application for overall repairs in ambient conditions.
  • Available for all markets.
  • Refer to the “ECRxx Reducer Selection Guide” chart for appropriate reducer selection.

Ordering Information:

Code: ECR98
Item Number: ECR98/04
Description: Hot & Humid Reducer
Size: 04 / 1 quart
Container: Round Metal Accupour
Packaging: 6 per case


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