PPG Refinish Notification
DEX144x Metal Test Panels Part Numbers are Changing

July 30, 2019

PPG will simplify the ordering process for metal G-Shade Test Panels by changing the part numbers to align with the appropriate G-Shade (see below). Each box of panels will contain 50 metal Test Panels.

All items are available through online ordering.

Please be advised that orders for the new part numbers may be substituted with the “old” part numbers until the old inventory is depleted.

Ordering Information:

Product Code
Product Code
Description UOM/Size
DEX1441 DEXG1/BX Test Panel-G1 Color (50) Box/BX
DEX1442 DEXG3/BX Test Panel-G3 Color (50) Box/BX
DEX1443 DEXG5/BX Test Panel-G5 Color (50) Box/BX
DEX1444 DEXG6/BX Test Panel-G6 Color (50) Box/BX
DEX1445 DEXG7/BX Test Panel-G7 Color (50) Box/BX


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