PPG Refinish Notification
New Shop-Line Toner - J30 Bright Orange

December 5, 2018

Product Information

Shop-Line® J30 Bright Orange is a new toner providing enhanced color match capability for the entire Shop-Line® color platform in all North American markets. This new toner utilizes pigment technology used at the OEMs and improves color space to create clean, vibrant colors seen on today’s modern vehicles.

Marketing Information
  • Quart pack size
  • Used in all mixing systems in National Rule and Compliant North American markets
  • Included in over 50 formulas at launch
  • Number of color formulas will continue to increase as new colors are formulated
  • New color formulas containing J30 will be available immediately on PaintManager® XI software and on ColorMobile® application
  • Legacy PaintManager® program software will be updated on the January Internet Update and on the first CD of 2019

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