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New Pack Size - Deltron DMD1697 Monastral Maroon

August 9, 2018

DMD1697 Monastral Maroon is now available in a new Half Quart (HQ) pack size. This pack size change is in response to lower volume usage of this toner. The Half Quart (HQ) will be replacing the larger Quart (04) pack size and will be the only size offered moving forward. Remaining stock of Quarts (04) will continue to be sold until stock is depleted.

The Half Quart is a new pack size for the Deltron® Refinish System requiring the use of a new mixing lid. The new lid will work in both Half Quart and Quart pack sizes. For customers using RJ style lids, the use of DOX355 crank handle will be necessary.

Half Quart pack sizes require the use of a new mixing lid - part number DEX1916

Marketing Information
  • Half Quart pack size
  • More cost effective for shops using the Deltron® Refinish System
  • Keeps inventory fresh for Low Use Toners
  • No riser or other mix shelf modifications are necessary
  • New mixing lid DEX1916

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