PPG Refinish Notification
New Deltron Refinish System Opening Order Kits

November 20, 2018

We are pleased to announce that the Deltron® Opening Order Kits available through PPG Online Ordering have been updated to be clearer and easier to use. The new kits are current for Deltron® DBC and Concept® Single Stage. The updated DBC opening order kits are now described as:

DBC High Volume Narrow (67”/1.7m)

DBC High Volume Wide (94.5”/2.4m)
DBC Low Volume Narrow (67”/1.7m)
DBC Low Volume Wide (94.5”/2.4m)

Important Notice

Area Source Rule designations for DBC have been removed because all heavy metal toners have been discontinued.

Please take an opportunity to review what is now available in the revised Marketing Item and Misc Refinish Item kits. Old or discontinued part numbers have been removed and the newest part numbers have been added, including updated PDF Mixing Schematics.

We believe these new kits will help provide a smoother transition and professional experience for new installs with Deltron® products.

Customer Service and Order Entry are aware of these changes and should be able to help if customers need assistance with the new kits. The new kits will go live on Wednesday, November 21.

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