PPG Refinish Notification
DAU75 Delclear Acrylic Urethane Clear Announcement

January 16, 2018

PPG is pleased to announce the move of DAU75 Delclear® Acrylic Urethane Clear and DXR80 Ultra Urethane Hardener from our Deltron® refinish system and into the Vibrance Collection® custom finishes line. Introduced into the market in 1975, DAU75 became an industry leader because of its unique ability to be applied over a variety of substrates. To this day DAU75 is the only PPG Refinish clearcoat that offers recommendations for application over various metals and wood, making it a perfect choice for specialty finishes.

This brand move from the Deltron® refinish system into Vibrance Collection® custom finishes does not change existing pricing, formulation, packaging or terms.

DAU75 Delclear® Acrylic Urethane Clear SDS Sheet
DXR80 Ultra Urethane Hardener SDS Sheet

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