PPG Refinish Notification
T401 Ultra Fine White Toner - replacement

June 20, 2017

Managing the color capability of the ENVIROBASE® High Performance platform is our top priority. Not only will new toners be added to enhance the platform, but occasionally toners will be phased out to ensure every color in PAINTMANAGER® software system is using the optimum toners available to achieve our highest standards for color match and consistency.

T401 Ultra Fine White will be replaced with an existing toner, T403 Micro White. The replacement process has begun and the first group of revised colors are now available through COLORMOBILE® and On-line Color. The PaintManager internet update in July and the third PaintManager software CD, delivering in July, 2017 will also contain this first group of colors.

Please use your existing inventory of T401 Ultra Fine White and remember that “Historic” formulas are available to help manage stock until supplies are depleted.

T403 Micro White demand will increase as more color formulas become available in PaintManager. The entire replacement process will take approximately one year to complete, consequently there is ample time to transition your inventories to T403 Micro White.

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