PPG Refinish Notification
SL93LV Low VOC Accelerator

April 4, 2017

ONECHOICE® SL93LV Low VOC Accelerator is an accelerator designed specifically for use in PPG’s line of Low VOC undercoats and clearcoats. SL93LV replaces EA10, EA157, P275-2200, and P275-2157. Revised formulas will be included in the April 27, 2017 PAINTMANAGER® software Internet Update and on the 2nd PaintManager software CD of 2017.

SL93LV is Low VOC compliant and can be used in all North American markets. This product can reduce dry times of PPG Premium Low VOC clearcoats and can cut dry-to-sand times of Low VOC primer surfacers to 20-30 minutes for small spot repairs. See specific product data sheets for recommended mix ratios and altered dry times for each product.

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