PPG Refinish Notification
P992-8901 Special White replacement notification

June 19, 2017

Ensuring that AQUABASE® Plus Waterborne Basecoat System continues market leading color capability is the leading priority of NEXA AUTOCOLOR®. The platform’s color capability is maintained with a continuous improvement process, with initiatives including not only launching new toner to match evolving OEM pallets, but also through the replacement of a toner by a more capable toner within the platform.

This process has identified the opportunity to move formulations using P992-8901 Special White to P992-HE02 Opal Frost. The effort to complete this transfer has begun and the first group of revised color codes are now available through COLORMOBILE® application. This group will also be included in both the PAINTMANAGER® Program internet update for July and in the third PaintManger application CD set to deliver in July 2017.

During the transfer, please continue to use your existing inventory of P992-8901 Special White. OEM color codes previously calling for P992-8901 are available through the Historic formula lookup function in PaintManager Program to help consume existing inventory until all stock is depleted.

P992-HE02 demand will increase as the number of formulas using this toner increases in PaintManager Program over the course of the transfer project. The expected timeline for the completion of the transfer is approximately one year, providing an extended window to transition your inventories to P992-HE02.

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