PPG Refinish Notification
P440-FX2x Special Effect Mixing Basics

May 2, 2017

Maintaining the quality and capability of the NEXA AUTOCOLOR® 2K® color system is of utmost importance to us at PPG. Due to their extreme limited use, we have found that the P440-FX2x special effect mixing basics may expire from age prior to their use in the field. As a result, the following special effect mixing basics will be replaced in Nexa Autocolor 2K formulas with VIBRANCE COLLECTION® HARLEQUIN® VM49xx special effect pigments.

  • The total number of formulas effected is extremely limited, only 52 (.02%) out of over 249,000 total 2K formulas.

  • The Vibrance Collection Harlequin pigments align to the Nexa Autocolor 2k special effect mixing basics which ensures there will be no impact on mixed color.

  • This change ensures that the freshest possible material will be available when needed by your customers.

  • VM49xx Harlequin effect pigments come in a special packaging design for accurate dispensing.

  • VM49xx come in a smaller pack size which will increase product movement through your inventory and lower per-unit costs.

  • 2K formulas containing VM49xx Harlequin pigments will begin to appear in:

    • Online Color and COLORMOBILE® Applications in May.

    • PAINTMANAGER® Internet Update in June.

    • The 3rd PaintManager CD

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