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New 2K Mixing Base - P426-HEO2 Ultra Fine White

December 18, 2017


Product Information

P426-HEO2 Ultra Fine White is being launched as a replacement for P426-HEO1 HS Blue Frost. P426-HEO1 is based on a pigment which is no longer available from the manufacturer. As a result P426-HEO1 will be made obsolete in January 2018. P426-HEO2 Ultra Fine White will not only replace P426-HEO1, it also enhances the overall color capability of the 2K® color platform.

Virtually all formulas containing P426-HEO1 have been converted to P426-HEO2. PAINTMANAGER® program software will be updated on the January Internet Update and new formulas will be included on the first CD in 2018, due to be mailed in January. Current formulas will move to Historic in order to use remaining stocks of P426-HEO1.

Marketing Information

The addition of P426-HEO2 Ultra Fine White to the NEXA AUTOCOLOR® 2K® mixing system is an example of our commitment, providing a high quality color match to the latest motor manufacturer colors. All collision centers need this new mixing basic to be able to provide a quality color match to car owners.

The Nexa Autocolor brand is committed to the innovation of leading edge products and repair processes, outstanding color quality, and dedicated tools and services, all seeking to improve collision center quality, productivity and profitability.

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