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The 2016 Summer Edition of Repaint Reporter is Coming Your Way

May 17, 2016

The next edition will be on its way to you. We hope you enjoy the latest stories and information about PPG's products, customer and events coming your way.

  • In the TRAINING UPDATE get some insight from the best in the business like Charley Hutton of Hutton Color Studios on how to create those one of a kind show quality finishes that make your final finish and award winner.

  • Discover how Dangelo's Custom Built Manufacturing transformed their business from a simple collision business into a mulitmillion dollar wrecker enterprise with our Commercial Coatings FEATURE STORY.

  • Take a Leap of Faith with Olga Ponse and she changed industries and found success by helping Probody Collision thrive in a competitive market. Her FEATURE STORY provides inspiration to all aspiring bodyshop owners.

  • And in this latest TECH TALK learn from another Ridler winner, Pete "Hot Dog" Finlan on his fabulous moving checkers design work. Click here to see the video and to download the process to share with your customers. 

These are some of the exciting stories coming your way!  So, get ready to be inspired by this edition of Repaint Reporter.

We are always look for new exciting stories to feature. If you have something you would like to share, please complete the attached Repaint Reporter story request form and return to the Refinish Communications Department at refincommdpt@ppgrefinish.com.

To order more copies of this edition, go to PPG Central and use Part Number: PAMRR516. Or click here to see past editions.

Thank you and enjoy!

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