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OMNI Refinish System – New Marketing Materials

April 20, 2016

Clearcoats....which do I choose?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a snapshot of the clearcoats we offer within the OMNI® refinish system? Now available to order is the OMNI Clearcoat Selection Guide. This is a quick reference flyer categorized by speed, production and overall/panel usage. Listing attributes of each clear, this makes for a useful reference at the counter or as a handout at the shop. Part #OBCLRFY is now available to order through online ordering.

Marketing Support....what is available?

There are many marketing pieces available to help support your efforts in promoting the OMNI refinish system. A marketing catalog has been created, for your convenience, in understanding all the marketing items available. Part #OBMKTGFY is now available to order through online ordering.

Ordering marketing materials online…..just got easier!

We have now added two new opening order options within the online ordering system specific to the OMNI refinish system, making it even easier for you to have all the marketing options at your fingertips, without having to search the ordering system.

  1. OMNI Marketing Literature - this will list all the literature pieces available.  Easily pull this selection up and populate with the quantities you require.  
  2. OMNI Point of Sale Items - This will list all the items useful at the counter as well as promotional items available.  

We do hope you find these items useful.

Thank you.

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