PPG Refinish Notification
Envirobase High Performance EC550 En-V Ultra Gloss Clearcoat

June 2, 2016

EC550 En-V® Ultra Gloss Clearcoat is engineered from the same propriety resin technology that drives the market leading characteristics of EC530 En-V® Performance Clearcoat. Developed specifically for application over Envirobase High Performance Waterborne Basecoat, the En-V® Ultra Gloss Clearcoat is the ideal option for refinish technicians seeking excellent flow and superior gloss retention. These properties are optimal for large multi-panel jobs, including overalls that require premium OEM finishes. EC550 En-V® Ultra Gloss Clearcoat will use the existing En-V® platform hardener and reducers. The ECRXX reducers enhance a refinish technician’s ability to spray successfully in all application conditions, including extreme temperature and humidity.

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