PPG Refinish Notification
Value-Pro P352-3108, P352-3077, P352-3099 Limited Use Toners

December 4, 2015

P352-3108 Violet Diamonds
P352-3077 Fine Blue Pearl
P352-3099 Blue Aluminum


Product Information:
P352-3108, P352-3077 and P352-3099 are three new limited use toners for the VALUE-PRO Plus (VBP & VBPX) mixing system, providing enhanced color match capability to the Value-Pro Plus color platform. These new toners utilize unique pigment technologies used by OEM manufacturers to create the color and sparkle effect frequently seen in OEM finishes.

Color Information:

  • 61 total color formulas are currently available using these toners. Please see the attached list of formulas containing these new toners. The number of color formulas is increasing daily.
  • P352-3108, P352-3077 and P352-3099 are used in Value-Pro Plus VBP and VBPX acrylic urethane basecoat systems.
  • Color formulas containing P352-3108, P352-3077 and P352-3099 will be available through On-line Color and COLORMOBILE® in December, 2015, on the PAINTMANAGER® software internet update in January, 2016 and will be on the first PaintManager software CD in 2016.
  • These toners have been designated as “limited use toners”. When a customer accesses a color formula containing one of these toners a warning will be shown:
    “Warning: contains P352-3XXX limited use toner! Please check available stock prior to mixing.”

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