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The Fall Edition of the Repaint Reporter is Here

October 29, 2015


The next edition will be on its way to you. We hope you enjoy the latest stories and information about PPG Refinish coming your way.

  • In TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS understand how embracing innovation and continuous improvement are the two things that never change at BUDDS' COLLISION SERVICES LTD.
  • Discover how OEM certification is the key to growing their reputation and sales at BROWN BROTHERS AUTO BODY & PAINT in Southern California.
  • Moving onto UPTOWN MOTORS, please meet painter Sheila Sueflohn-Cook, delivering high quality and efficiency.
  • And learn in this latest TECH TALK how the GERBER COLLISION & GLASS team does painting with large-scale custom designs. Let’s salute their efforts on the PPG Show Truck.
  • Then there is DEAN'S AUTO BODY demonstrating that incorporating advanced technology can work for shops of every size!

And the stories do not end there! It is a packed edition, so kick back, grab a cup of Joe and get ready to warm up to this edition of Repaint Reporter

We are always look for new exiting stories to feature. If you have something you would like to share, please complete the attached Repaint Reporter story request form and return to the Refinish Communications Department at refincommdpt@ppgrefinish.com.

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