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P190-6930 Performance Clearcoat - Promotional Kit

February 26, 2015

Product Information

P190-6930 Performance Clearcoat Promotional Kit was developed to provide distributors the opportunity to market this easy to use performance clearcoat.   This kit offers a visually appealing product sample containing everything a painter will need in order to trial P190-6930 Performance Clearcoat.
P190-6930 Performance Clearcoat is designed specifically for use with AQUABASE® Plus Waterborne Basecoat.  This clearcoat’s proprietary resin technology allowed for the development of 3 compliant temperature adjusted thinners.  Painters will have the ability to “fine-tune” spray parameters to meet their application environment.  
From an environmental standpoint, the low VOC of P190-6930 along with the high solids resin also decreases clearcoat material usage and therefore greatly reduces the overall VOC emissions.

P190-6930 Performance Clearcoat is compliant in all USA and Canadian refinish markets.

Special Note: National Rule customers can use standard P850-16xx thinners.  Reference p-bulletin RM2853CNR-2 for complete mixing and application information.

Marketing Information

Each kit will include:
  • 1 short filled quart (24 ounces) of P190-6930 Performance Clearcoat
  • 1 accupour container (8 ounces) of P210-6975 Mid Temperature Hardener
  • 1 accupour container (8 ounces) of P850-6911 Mid Temperature Thinner
  • 1 accupour container (8 ounces) of P850-6912 High Temperature Thinner
  • 1 USB containing P-Sheets, sales flyers, SDS documents

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