PPG Refinish Notification
DOX468 QL WB Bottle, Lid and Cap for Mobile Repair Kits

November 17, 2015

PPG is pleased to announce the launch of DOX468, new and improved waterborne bottles for mobile repair kits. DOX468 provides the same quarter liter “QL” bottle size with a protective cap and screw top nozzle for ease of dispensing and cleanliness. This part number includes a quarter liter waterborne bottle, lid and cap. In addition, PPG has created new sell out labels for both ENVIROBASE® High Performance (LEHP108Z) and AQUABASE® Plus (AC3178Z) paint systems. These labels were created specifically for the new waterborne mobile repair kit bottles, and replace the existing waterborne sell out labels for mobile repair.

LEHP108Z and AC3178Z labels replace LEHP104Z and AC3168Z, respectively.

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