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Deltron - Limited Use Toner – Change of Status

February 24, 2014

DMD1611, DMD1628, DMD1630, DMD1634, DMD1647

Product Information

The “limited use” status assigned to a toner is not permanent and can be changed as the number of color formulas containing the toner increases. It is planned that the following DELTRON® toners will have the “limited use” status removed because the number of color formulas containing the toner has grown significantly. 

Toner  Description  Number of Color Formulas
DMD1611 Bright Orange 121
DMD1628 Perylene Violet 122
DMD1630 Carmine 100
DMD1634 Organic Brown 146
DMD1647 Carbon Black 844

These Deltron toners provided enhanced color matching capability to the Deltron color platform. The number of matches containing these toners is increasing daily.

The removal of the “limited use” status means that the warning will no longer be displayed on customer color retrieval systems.

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