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Deltron DMD619 Blue Shade Violet Toner

September 25, 2014

Product Information

DMD619 Blue Shade Violet is a new toner for use with DELTRON® 2000 DBC and Deltron DBU basecoat mixing systems. DMD619 has been developed to improve the overall color capability and consistency of the Deltron 2000 DBC basecoat mixing system and will gradually replace DMD624 in color formulas. This toner has been used to rematch more than 300 OEM formulas in the Deltron 2000 DBC mixing system, and that number is expected to increase significantly over the next year. The use of DMD624 in DBC formulations will decline over the next year.

Color Information

  • DMD619 will gradually be replacing DMD624 over the next year.
    • For Deltron 2000 DBC and DBI formulas, more than 300 OEM colors have been rematched using DMD619. This number will grow significantly over the next year as colors continue to be rematched. 
      • This toner is considered maintstream and it is recommended that all Deltron mixing system distributors place a supply of DMD619 in their inventory.
      • Shops using the Deltron 2000 DBC paint system should also place DMD619 on their mixing bank.  
      • It is recommended that distributors and shops manage their supply of DMD624 carefully as the toner declines in use and nears obsolescence  
    • For Deltron DBU and DIU formulas, DMD619 can be directly substituted for DMD624 due to the color capability of this platform. Approximately 20% of DBU and DIU formulas have been converted at this time and will become available in color systems as outlined below. Formulas will continue to be converted over the next few months until all of the DMD624 is replaced with DMD619 in DBU/DIU formulas.
  • Color formulas containing DMD619 will be available through COLORMOBILE® and On-line Color in October, 2014, on the PAINTMANAGER® software internet update in November, 2014 and on the fourth Paintmanager software CD, delivering in November 2014.

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