PPG Refinish Notification
Aquabase Plus P999-GF37 Silver Glass

August 1, 2014

Product Information

PPG is committed to meeting the demands of collision centers and helping them achieve profitable growth by delivering products that are:

  • An accurate match to OEM finishes
  • Effective and easy to use 
P999-GF37 Silver Glass is an example of this commitment and is being launched into the AQUABASE® Plus waterborne basecoat system.

Marketing Information

P999-GF37 Silver Glass is made from a special effect pigment based on a silver coated glass flake substrate. The effect created is a much more brilliant and reflective finish than what can be achieved with standard aluminum pigments within the same particle size.

This creates a high degree of sparkle with a warm golden cast, allowing for new OEM styling effects. The special effect OEMs have achieved by using this pigment is difficult to replicate in refinish lines which do not contain the toner.

Since the usage of this toner will be low it is being launched as a “Limited Use Toner”

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