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Vibrance Collection VM4166 Lapis Sunlight

November 25, 2013

Product Information

VM4166 Lapis Sunlight is a new LUMINESCENCE® II special effect pigment that is currently used in two OEM formulations. This limited use toner provides enhanced color match capability for OEM colors that have proved difficult to match in refinish product lines that do not contain this pigment.

Marketing Information

  • Pigment technology creates a unique interference effect, characterized by a flowing transition from one color to another
  • Formulated as a liquid toner for use in the DELTRON® BC basecoat system for improved color match and VIBRANCE COLLECTION® custom finishes
  • Color formulas containing VM4166 will be available through the COLORMOBILE® application and On-line Color beginning November 20th, on the PAINTMANAGER® software internet update in December, 2013 and on the first PaintManager software CD in 2014.
  • This toner has been designated as a “limited use toner”. When a customer accesses a color formula containing this toner, a warning will be shown:
    • “Warning: contains VM4166 limited use toner! Please check available stock prior to mixing.”

Color Information

The following formulas have been matched using VM4166:

OEM OEM Code Description First Year Brand Code
Nissan RBD Dark Blue 2012 931664
Toyota 221 Blackish Ageha 2013 937756

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