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Vibrance Collection Crystallance Glass Flake Collection

November 5, 2013

VM4501 Silver
VM4502 Sapphire
VM4503 Jade
VM4504 Garnet
VM4505 Topaz
VM4506 Opal

Crystallance™ Glass Flake CollectionProduct Information

The CRYSTALLANCE™ glass flake collection contains six unique pigments that create bright finishes with intense sparkle and flare. The brilliant effect of these pigments is very evident in sunlight, and is ideal for jobs where an intense, dazzling shimmer is desired. Offered in five colored glass flakes and one unique silver coated glass flake, these pigments can be added directly to basecoat, ground coat or mid-coat to create an exceptional sparkle effect.

Marketing Information

  • Intermixes with DELTRON®, GLOBAL REFINISH SYSTEM®, ENVIROBASE® High Performance and AQUABASE® Plus basecoat systems
  • Pigments provide brilliant sparkle and reflectivity
  • Available in 6 colors, including 1 unique silver coated glass flake
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Can be used with all other VIBRANCE COLLECTION® custom finishes, including RADIANCE® II candy dyes

Refer to P-sheet VB-19 for further information.

Crystallance Glass Flake Color CardColor Information

In support of the launch of the Crystallance glass flake collection, we are offering a new color card, Part No. VBCS467. The new color card includes the six glass flake pigments and 19 pre-formulated colors, providing a visual display of the color effect capability of the Crystallance pigments. This card can be ordered on-line or by contacting the PPG Customer Focus Center at (800)647-6050. The majority of the Crystallance color formulas will be available through the COLORMOBILE® application and On-line color beginning November 5th. For PAINTMANAGER® software customers utilizing the Internet Update tool, formulas will be available on their December, 2013 update. All formulations will be available on the first PaintManager software CD in 2014.

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