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Shop-Line JP335 2K Urethane Sealer - Gray

November 5, 2013

Product Information

SHOP-LINE® JP335 is a gray, two-component urethane sealer for the national rule market that provides fast dry times, optimized topcoat hiding and excellent gloss holdout. This sealer has a 4:1:1 mix ratio and uses the existing undercoat hardener series.

Marketing Information

  • 4:1:1 mix ratio with existing hardeners, JH301 and JH302
  • Available in quart and gallon pack sizes 
  • Fast flash times 
  • Easy application 
  • Smooth appearance 
  • Excellent topcoat gloss holdout 
  • Refer to psheet SL335 or visit ppgrefinish.com for further information

JP335 will be replacing the current JP385 sealer. JP385 will continue to be sold until stock is depleted.

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