PPG Refinish Notification
PPG Color Variant System

July 15, 2013

The 2 of 13 update (VAR31) for the PPG Color Variant System will begin shipping this week. You should receive a sufficient number of updates for each Variant System at your store(s) and for your customers' shops.

Color chips are an important tool for selecting the right color for each repair job. To keep your PPG Color Variant System current it must be updated regularly. Please be sure to update the Variant System in your stores and your customers' locations.

New Mailing Label Template: A label function has been added to Color Chip Subscription Maintenance. Choose the name of the chip tool from the drop down box and a label template will be generated for each customer that has the tool. The label report is formatted to print on a standard 30 per sheet template; label size 1” x 2-5/8”.

Visit the What’s New section of on-line ordering and refer to the document regarding color chip subscriptions for more details.

PPG Color Variant Systems ordered after July 26th will include the VAR31 update.

To download a copy of the PPG Variant System checklist through 2 of 13 visit Useful Color Information.

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