PPG Refinish Notification
OneChoice SXA840 Uniform Finish Blender

March 15, 2013

Product Information

SXA840 Uniform Finish Blender Aerosol has been reformulated to enhance the spray application properties of the product and re-introduced with a new nozzle. The new and improved version continues to offer the following benefits:

  • Ease of Use
  • Excellent Control
  • “Spray Gun” Quality Control
  • Proven Technology
  • Ready-to-Spray convenient Aerosol Packaging

Marketing Information

SXA840 Uniform Finish Blender is an aerosol specifically designed for universal use with two component sealers, topcoats and clearcoats. SXA840 is used to melt the overspray edges on spot and panel repair blend areas and for extending blends after the repair for a smoother transition and an invisible repair.

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