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OneChoice SX1071 Ecobase Etch Prime

July 15, 2013

Product Information

The new and improved SX1071 with its catalyst, SX1072 offers an enhanced level of corrosion protection to properly prepared steel and aluminum and is being re-launched into the marketplace.

SX1071 5.5 VOC Etch Prime, originally launched in 2009 has now been made even better. New technology in nonchromated – corrosion resistant chemistry has allowed us to offer this new and improved compliant formula to you.

Our testing proves that the new technology offers far superior product performance compared to other etch primers including those containing chromated pigments. In fact, we’re so confident about this new and improved product that we’re making future plans to make SX1071 ECOBASE™ our only etch primer offering.

Marketing Information

  • ONECHOICE® products are designed for universal use with all PPG and NEXA AUTOCOLOR® product lines
  • Superior performance to other etch primers including those containing chromates
  • Non-Chrome formula meets 6-H ASR exemption requirement
  • New easy to pour (Accu-Pour) quart container
  • Fast drying for faster shop throughput
  • Exhibits excellent adhesion to properly prepared steel and aluminum
  • Easy to use 1 : 1 mix ratio
  • Sporting a new name for easy identification “SX1071 Ecobase Etch Prime”
  • Refer to OneChoice® product bulletin OC-06 for complete mixing and application recommendations

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