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OneChoice SX1056 Flexible 2K Sealer Larger Pack Size

July 1, 2013

Now in Larger Pack Sizes
SX1056 Flexible Sealer (Gallon)
SX1058 Catalyst (Quart)

Product Information

SX1056 Flexible 2K Sealer was developed to offer an easy-to-mix, 2K flexible urethane sealer used to improve adhesion before priming or topcoating flexible parts. SX1058 2K Primer Catalyst is the hardener for SX1056 Flexible 2K Sealer.

  • Two component, flexible
  • No additional flexible additive needed
  • User-friendly mix ratio
  • Uses a range of PPG reducers
  • Compatible with cured and sanded OEM finishes
  • Compatible with cured and sanded refinish topcoat systems

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