PPG Refinish Notification
OneChoice SU460LV 1K Compliant Adhesion Promoter

February 5, 2013

Product Information

SU460LV is a 1K Compliant AdPro specifically designed to be used with PPG’s waterborne basecoat systems ONLY.

  • Aquabase® Plus
  • Envirobase® High Performance

When used as directed, SU460LV will deliver exceptional adhesion to bare, un-primed automotive plastic bumpers and other plastic components prior to priming or sealing.
No reduction is necessary when using SU460LV. Simply shake or stir SU460LV prior to use.

Marketing Information

Recommended for use with Envirobase High Performance and Aquabase Plus waterborne basecoat systems ONLY.

  • Must be sealed with Envirobase High Performance ECS A-Chromatic or Aquabase Plus P565-312x wet-on-wet or P565-314x HS Plus sealers prior to color application.

Not for use with PPG’s solvent-borne basecoat systems.
Refer to OneChoice™ Product Technical Sheet OC-21 for complete use and application details.

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