PPG Refinish Notification
Global Matte Clearcoat System

January 5, 2013

D8115 Matte Clearcoat
D8117 Semi-Gloss Clearcoat
National Rule Markets Only

Product Information

Over the past few years, matte finishes have grown in popularity among refinishers and OEM designers. To meet this growing popularity, we are introducing a new Global Matte Clearcoat System which consists of two versatile, reduced-gloss clearcoats, D8115 and D8117 that are designed to reproduce a wide range of low gloss levels. D8115 and D8117 can be used alone, or mixed in various combinations to duplicate exotic finishes and match OEM gloss levels. D8115 Matte and D8117 Semi-Gloss clearcoats also support the new reduced-gloss clearcoat Five Band Format (FC01-FC05) for OEM colors that was announced earlier this year.

Marketing Information

  • D8115 and D8117 can be used alone or can be mixed together easily to produce a wide range of gloss levels
  • Provides an extremely uniform, low gloss finish
  • Excellent product performance on full body matte clearcoat vehicles
  • Uses existing D8239 hardener and D87x and DT87x series reducers
  • Can be used over rigid plastics without the need for additional flex additive
  • D8115 supports the Lamborghini matte clearcoat repair process

This new system will eventually replace the current D8113 Matt Clearcoat. Further details will be provided at a later date. Refer to GRS product bulletin EU150 for complete mixing and application recommendations as well as care and handing of matte finishes.

Mix ratios for the 5 reduced gloss bands can be found In the November 2012 PaintManager™ Internet update and will be on the February 2013 CD. If you do not currently receive internet updates, you can use the included weight table for mixing.

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