PPG Refinish Notification
Desothane Evolution Inventory Management Notice

December 6, 2013

The product or products listed below are scheduled to be discontinued in 90 days. Existing inventory will be available until stock is depleted. For additional information regarding (TBD) products, please refer to ppgrefinish.com or contact your Sales Representative.

Code Description Size Replacements/Comments
AC12 Brightener Pail  
CA7501KT Desoprime® CF Non-Chromate Epoxy Primer Kit  
CA7755BEKT High Solids Sanding Surfacer - Green Kit  
CA7650AKT High Solids Sanding Surfacer - Gray Kit  
CA7650WKT High Solids Sanding Surfacer - White Kit  
CA8800B900 HS Buffable Clear Topcoat Gallon  
CA8800Z Activator for CA8800/B900 Gallon  
CA8800F Thinner Gallon  
CA8800F1 Thinner - Medium Gallon  
CA8800F2 Thinner - Fast Gallon  
CA8800F3 Thinner – Very Fast Gallon  
CA8800F4 Thinner – Touch Up Gallon  
CA8800FR Thinner - Slow Gallon  
CAB100 Aviation Binder Gallon  
CAB150 Aviation Basecoat Binder Gallon  
CAH200 Aviation Binder Hardener Gallon  
CAH250 Aviation BC Hardener Quart  
CAP400 General Aviation Primer Gallon  

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