PPG Refinish Notification
Deltron Inventory Management Notice

December 17, 2013

The product or products listed below are scheduled to be discontinued in 90 days. Existing inventory will be available until stock is depleted. For additional information regarding (TBD) products, please refer to ppgrefinish.com or contact your Sales Representative.

Code  Description Size Replacements/Comments
DC3010 High Velocity Clearcoat LV Quart  Gallons available
DCC9000 Black  Gallon  DCC9300 Quart & Gallon available
DRR1160 Reactive Reducer Pail Quarts and Gallons available
DTR600 Fast Reducer Pail Quarts and Gallons available
DX501 Aluminum Conditioner Gallon  Quarts available
DX520 Metal Conditioner Gallon  Quarts available
DX685  Urethane Flattening Agent Gallon  Pints and Quarts available
DX696 Gun Cleaner Only  Gallon   

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