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Delfleet Essential ESU428 – Hardener Replacement for ESU420/1

February 2, 2013

Product Information

ESU428 is a new hardener designed to replace ESU429 for use with ESU420 and ESU421 epoxy primers. With the introduction of the new hardener, corrosion resistance, adhesion to multiple substrates, and product stability have been improved. Steel, aluminum, galvanized, and galvaneal substrates may now be coated. The product mix ratio will remain unchanged.

Associated Product

  • ESU420 3.5 VOC Epoxy Primer - White
  • ESU421 3.5 VOC Epoxy Primer - Gray

Marketing Information

  • 3.5 lbs/gallon RTS VOC
  • Same mix ratio of 3:1:1
  • New F-style quart container
  • Product Data Sheet has been updated: DFE-04 ESU420/ESU421

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