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Commercial Performance Coatings SpectraThin Blended Urethane Reducers

June 2, 2013

Marketing Information

The SPECTRATHIN® series reducers are high quality urethane grade reducers, which are designed to be used in many CPC urethane undercoats and topcoats. The SpectraThin series reducers are comprised of a combination of solvents that improve the leveling and through cure characteristics of primers and topcoats, compared to using straight solvents such as Acetone or MAK.

Product Information

TFS309-30--SpectraThin Fast Reducer
TFS309-60--SpectraThin edium Reducer
TFS309-80--SpectraThin low Reducer
TFS309-90--SpectraThin Very Slow Reducer
TFS321-50–SpectraThin Exempt Reducer

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