PPG Refinish Notification
Commercial Performance Coatings Solvents in Gallon Size

March 5, 2013

PPG is pleased to announce the addition of the CPC solvents in the gallon size. These 6 premium quality solvents have been available for several years in pail and drum sizes. This pack size extension will allow distributors to service endusers that require solvents on a limited basis, and therefor would not purchase solvents in larger pack sizes. The CPC Solvent Program provides end-users the flexibility to reduce CPC products based on repair size, air movement, equipment, and various environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity.

Profuct Information

Q30 – Acetone
Q50 – Aromatic 100
Q60 – Methyl Ethyl Keytone – MEK
Q70 – Methyl n-Amyl Keytone – MAK
Q80 – Xylene
Q160 – Aromatic 150

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