PPG Refinish Notification
Commercial Performance Coatings AUE-370YL High Hiding Yellow Urethane Base

September 1, 2013

Product Information

AUE-370YL is yellow tint base intended to provide increased hiding at lower dry film builds for select industrial colors.

Marketing Information

The same 22 colors which were identified for the previous release of the 2 other High Hiding bases from the 2-book CPC Color Selector have been formulated with AUE-370YL. As noted, the clear base formulation resulted in poor hiding colors which often required 5 – 6 coats to achieve hiding. With this new resin base, these colors will provide approximately 30 – 35 percent better hiding than the original formulation. This will result in less labor costs for the end user and less overall material costs.

At present, formulations can be obtained by calling the Color Library. These will be added to the CPC online color database and you should be able to access via this tool by the middle of September. The formulas will also be added to the next update of CPC Color Accurate™ G3 color software.

An index of the current formulas available is included in this announcement identifying the color chip and location in the CPC Color Selector.

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